The Story of Nawal

Growing up with Middle Eastern influence giving Nawal a much different experience than her peers. Her fathers culture brought her to study  Bellydance with the the Salimpour School in Berkeley Californa. One of the most comprehensive professional bellydance programs in the world.  She has owned and operated a Studio dedicated to Yoga and Bellydance in Eastern Canada since 2009 and is respected as an ambassador of Egyptian arts through her work in   Islamic mystic arts of Tannoura (whirling) and Zarr.

In recent years she has created a niche of Dark Performance art and Doom Bellydance as sword dancer and visual arts designer for meditative mantra doom Band Zaum...

Since being on lock during 2020 Nawal has fleshed out her role and service towards supporting other women for thier own journey of self discovery. Moving in to this age of Aquarius Nawal is joining forces with long time friend and yoga buddy Dawn Collins..... Leand more about Dawn here and stay tuned for our professional level training coming through 2021!

Learn about Dawn here

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Nawal's Work

Nawal is an accomplished dancer, visual artist and registered yoga  teacher. Her confident and powerful presence is unmistakable, and she is able to hold space for her students  to explore their own artistic frontiers. All branches of her work connect to methods of cultivating  authentic self and healing past traumas through art, beauty and awareness. Nawal's teaching experience can curate the perfect class experience for you and your group, combining breath work, somatic movement and creativity practice!




Yoga Teacher

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