Warmest regards to all, my name is Dawn Collins. I’m here to introduce myself as I’ve been conjuring some new offerings with Nawal in addition to a grander scheme unfolding. Professionally I’m a bit of a jack of all trades and expert in none, save for Mysticism and Magick. In my youth I was an academic studying sociology, psychology, buddhism, political science and in time that brought me into a world of experience doing social work such as case management, counselling, program facilitation, coordinating shelters and harm reduction programs, etc. All my life I’ve also been a performing artist primarily working in the vox and body medium. Then came a great personal crisis and challenge of developing PTSD. The strong bold kind where you can’t function and you become a person you do not recognize. Prior to that I’d had depression since the age of 6 as I recall and clear there’s trauma under that too. 


All my life I’ve had a very dark curiosity which revealed itself as the gift it truly was when I received the great mysteries of healing and consciousness expansion as a result. I would argue that to find these gifts are ultimately the purpose of our suffering. And life very much is suffering. However how we receive that, what we think and feel about it, the meaning we attach to it all is a choice, an array of choices that make up our very embodied being. Certainly it took me about ten years to find the healing of both of those typically chronic ailments. What a miracle it still feels like. I feel called more deeply than ever before to share those tools, the ones most efficient and the slow long ones too with everyone. And further now, my journey moves beyond the healing art to the great art spectrum of expansion and abundance and joy and creation. I think it best that we journey there together. I’ve taken a Bodhisattva vow first at 16 and then renewed again during 2020 lockdown, so that is the root and guiding principal I work from. 


What are these magick tools? Well some are also called science. I definitely scienced my way through trauma informed care and applied that to my yoga practice and offerings. I brought in all aspects of what in most recent times was proven effective via neuroimaging technology and real long term results from the foremost experts. It worked! But there was much more. I was also supported by a brilliant Reiki practitioner, deeply and steadily. I maintained and expanded teachers of many paths in the yoga community seeking authentic alignments that served me well for the deep work. I developed a practice that grew into an art form. And as I went along I became a person offering of both modalities deepening my relationship with their gifts by using them in relationship, this also helped me maintain my path and focus until I reached the healing goal.. When the big work was done there turned out to be, of course like anyone, more layers underneath. Like the onion we hear Buddhist sages describe when I solved one huge load there was more. More like my identity was no longer the same, it had been so wrapped up in the troubles. More like without the troubles I had more energy and time and wanted to do a lot more in the world but had no idea where to begin. More like, creatively I felt there was so very much to express but manifesting didn’t work how it used to, nor did the process - I was processing entirely new things now. New for the first time in more than 30 years.


These magick tools began with my reiki and yoga teacher training around 2010, but on the other side of the big shift in myself my understanding of what more was possible there expanded greatly. I began reading articles that intrigued me, then books and authors and meeting people locally who resonated and taught me then enrolling in magick programs and now schools full time. Today I am a student of the Wealth school of magic, which is a Hermetic Arts based school. Prior to that I studied with its leadership for several years. My expertise lies in natural and planetary magic, animism, Hermetic Arts, Mystic Arts of all kinds where to begin or end feels untrue as it is always expanding both retroactively and in the future from my position now- the entire array of magick arts has been and will likely always be the realm of my studies and woven in there now are my yoga and reiki workings. Today I hold a High Priestess Degree of the second level of the school’s offerings. Learning is truly an infinite endeavour as is travelling this universe. I will say the most important lesson to date is: if you’re magick arts work is not bringing beautiful releases - if your shadow integration did not climax as orgasmic delight, I’m going to offer you more and there is more for you to experience in this life.


What I am most excited about sharing is exactly this weaving and results. What one system lacks another provides and this also serves to decolonize my understanding of the great work and to find truer bearings as I continue to progress. Everyone is my teacher. From the sensations in my body to my shadow and inner other to the most delusionally distant enemy working on my destruction. The great truth is that our ego’s really need to maintain the delusion of separation to exist, and the force of radically loving all even what our conscious mind denies as good or right is to love all of ourselves and the universe in just the right way to bring us to our true bliss divine nature. Here we are most powerful. I practice always at this and it is my vow to bring everyone along. But first to get what we want and feel joy as the baseline of our lives is what my offerings give keys to unlock through various alchemical guidance and communion. Dividing is the lie of our denial, connecting is the truth of our liberation. Unifying the will comes along with connection to all and this is how our will becomes powerful and how we create what we want to see in the world. May we venture into this divine mystery together for all its pleasure the process unfolding always to our self realization.


I will be offering work abouts the magick arts, emotional and sound alchemy, yoga and reiki, healing arts and all interwoven in the ways I found they blended to seal my personal evolution.

I believe everyone can live and walk a baseline of deep joy - come what may, and that this is the key to embodied living and acting as we wish in the world as well as the world acting on us as our conscious minds favour. I am a testament that this is possible and that anyone can achieve the same results. Looking forward to working with you and paying forward the great receiving of my life and journeying on to learn more and more in creating deeper more authentic connections as we get exactly what we’ve come for. 

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