Arcanum: The Tarot and Bellydance

Updated: Jan 14

"The Tarot" is a divination tool originating in Europe and has exploded to the forefront of pop culture with the resurgence of Pagan based practices and image worship. (Thankyou Instagram!) The typical cards have archetypal images, shapes, colours, and symbols that speak to our subconsciousness and help us get insight to the questions of life, but also classic playing card deck can be used as well. Like playing cards the tarot comprises of 4 'suits' Cups, Swords, Wands, Pentacles or Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds.

"Belly dance" as we know it today has many appearances and categories. It is a dance that is defined by it's feminine, playful earthiness, hip works and abdominal articulations in particular. Rooted in Raqs Sharqi, folk dances and rhythms of the Middle East. In my own presentation of belly dance- I only call when in doing the 'Classic Belly dancer" to Middle Eastern music " Belly dance" and then when I do weird concept projects I call it a bellydancer doing "performance art"............That's another blog.... :)

January 17 will be the release of a collaborative show with belly dance artists from all over the world representing the 22 Major Arcana Cards of the Tarot....This show is produced by Samai Oriental Dance Company and if a fundraiser

"By sharing this link, you are making a pledge to spread happiness and taking us closer to our mission of educating, caring for and supporting the girl child from rural communities in Karnataka, India. "

All Artists involved are donating their time and again because of Covid, getting the opportunity to collaborate for a project that is worthwhile.#ARTWITHHEART

You can find more details about the trust here -

This is not the first (nor the last I suspect) of a marriage between the Tarot and belly dancers. Most of you reading my blog have heard about or are experienced with the Tarot, I'm sure..... The Tarot falls under the "Witchy Shit" category and bellydance can too if you have the right teacher......... ;) I think I heard through social Media that Aminah Louise will be offering an Astrology based belly dance combos class....

One of my MAJOR bellydance inspirations is Jamila Salimpour- The Grandmother of Belly dance in North America and she had the Occult flavour heavily dialled in to her aesthetic, and part of her lore around the dance stemmed back to goddess worship and birth magic ritual.... if you can find it read her original article written in the time BEFORE the internet.... From Cave To Cult to Cabaret..... and stay tuned for a future blog about when I LIVED Cave To Cult To Cabaret.....

In early December I was asked by a dace peer if she could recommend me to replace her as she wasn't able to commit to this project. What card were you assigned? I asked.

The Hanged Man, she said, I'll do it I said.... I can definitely relate to the entire mood and feeling of this card...

The Hanged Man: Card and Interpretation

The Hanged Man is the 12th card in the Major Arcana and often indicates a period of apparent inertia as an opportunity for self-development, where new concepts are being absorbed. This card is asking you to stand still and reflect before moving on with major life decisions. Things will continue, but for now, they float - timeless. It is also a period of letting go, being suspended in time, giving up control over what's going to happen going ahead and viewing certain situations from different vantage points and angles. In doing so, you will eventually benefit and gain from hitting the pause button. Shruti had us all turned in to our cards!! Ill Share the deck below...

Keywords: Pause, Waiting, Suspension, Surrender, Letting Go, Newer Perspectives

Colors: White, Violet, Purple, Turquoise, Blue, Silver

Element associated with the card: Water

Affirmation for you: I let go of my need to control situations in my life and open up to the possibility that the Universe has something better in store for me.


I relate heavily with the keywords especially, as many of you may or may not know when lockdowns hit in march I was getting ready to fly to Cairo to start something of a new life, in 2019 I had began the separation on my husband of 15 years, and it wasn't pretty....... as covid crumbled my plans I moved back in so we could co-parent our daughter during this time when my life plans based in travel had been dissolved...... So I had a lot of letting go of should have and would haves and had to learn to surrender to accept this year... It is still hard to make plans... since covid I have booked flights a couple time only to have them cancelled by changing routes and restrictions. It wasn't a matter of me allowing myself to accept the wisdom of this card, I was literally being slapped across the face with these lessons. Or should we call them "Newer Perspectives"......

SO I have taken this time of suspension and continued to dance, feel and dig deep within my own mysteries...... Writing these blogs has during this great pause has been cathartic as well as cleansing and helping me determine what has been important and what my values will be moving forward in to uncharted territory........


The term "Arcanum", (pluralized as arcana) means secrets or mysteries. The word is often used in reference to the mysteries of the self, the physical and the spiritual worlds. I decided to name the production Arcanum because we are tapping into parts of our being that have been our secrets for a long time. Secrets that we were probably not comfortable confronting or maybe even things we didn't know about ourselves. In the process of unravelling the mysteries of the self, I am hoping that as artists, we are able to use dance as a medium to heal, reconnect with our individual secrets and grow as individuals. As we are using the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, the term Arcanum seemed fitting. The Major Arcana cards (22 cards) are some of the most impactful cards in the Tarot Deck. These 22 cards represent the major spiritual lessons we need to take away now and each card represents the different situations we (our souls) are and will face in the grand scheme of life. Each card carries with it a specific, unique message that you need to hear at the time it is drawn and often carries with it perspective or guidance to help you grow or in times of need.

Another Bellydance/ Tarot Show was :

Zoe's House of Tarot

I love her announcement at the start of the show..... Here Zoe used the Tarot as a base for a storyline and make a really great theatrical show.

No matter how the artists approach this its going to be a cool interesting show. I love Tarot and I love Bellydance . Would we call this fusion? Is it theatrical? Is it still Bellydance? Is this performance art?? ....Its all of the above!! We will have to see what these artist come up with! Arcanum will debut Sunday January 17th Via Youtube Stream.... Follow Her Youtube Chanel HERE: Samai Oriental Dance Company

If you would like to book a Tarot reading with my Mystic Business partner DawnCollins Please contact through her Instagram Msg HERE

I would like to finish by tying everything back to working with the Archetypes... Every one of the Major Arcana can be used as an archetype to add dimension to your stage pr personal personas.

See link to register below my "2 of Swords" - I created this image this past August and the full photo set as well as many other self created images are in my Monthly Visual Arts Subscription...

If you are interested in this process, and how you can apply it to your performance art join my January 29th. or contact me for the recording.

Wanna go deeper in to invoking archetypes and exploring what pantheon works for you?

Get versed in glamour.... Friday January 29th via Zoom Conference. We explore concepts from Glamour magick, Character Creation and ritual to bring you this special workshop to help you connect to the power of archetypal energy and make more impact in your presence.

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