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Dr.Faustus in 2020

I wanted to share with you the cool project I was able to be a part of BECAUSE of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Although this year suffered devastating cancelations for me it opened up a few things a would have otherwise not been available for as I'm not home long enough to do any project that require long term and many weekly hours of commitment...... but with most of my gigs cancelled and a lot of 'extra time' I was happy to be involved in this doomy yet heart warming project.

Earlier this year I was introduced to the dark German tale of Dr.Faustus.

(if you don't know it see this THUG NOTES quick summary, such a relatable fable )

Photo: Me and Ace she's a thrown demon.

Long time aquaintance, local actor and director Matt Hamilton Snow sent me a message in late May asking if I wanted to talk about this play, and he wanted my guidance on aesthetic movement and presence workshop for the actors to move more seductively, and really SELL the archetypes seduction and make them unmistakeable. Once he described the story of Faustus to me I was He applied for a project called "the Incubator" project put on by the imperial theatre

Left Picture: Some of the first rehearsals with costumes, it brought it to life...

As Matt continued to describe his vision he said it would be ideal to maybe have some kid actors play demons and maybe specifically for the sin; Wrath. I proposed that I would ask my daughter Ace, she identifies as an actor more than any other type of artist although she can play music, sings, and dances. She has attended Interaction Children's theatre The plays the 7 deadly sin wrath and a host of different demons..... a throne demon, and other hell-demons Balio and Azaroth

Am I a bad mom for having my 12 year old daughter in this raunchy filthy play....? ;)

I myself played a masked bourgeoisie party goer and the 7th deadly sin: Lechery or Lust as we would call it now.- it was technically my very first speaking role, and I dressed a a naughty school teacher archetype.

It was a success in the end!! All of the cast were seasoned thespians, musicians or performance artists.

Keltie and Jolene as Throne demons, Back Stage at the Imperial Theatre. Love you Ladies.

I had made some pretty cool Horns during the depths of quarantine and I loved to see them and many other of my costume pieces on the actors and coming to life. I was honoured that Matt valued my aesthetic and vision.

Here is the description from the Imperial Theatre.....below.

Description: Doctor Faustus is an Elizabethan tragicomedy written by Christopher Marlowe sometime between 1589 and 1592. It is based on the historical legend of a German magician named Johann Georg Faust whose story remains a part of our collective culture as a cautionary tale about one man’s desire to sacrifice his immortal soul in exchange for supernatural powers.

Drawing inspiration from Elizabethan, ancient Greek and post-modern theatre, Doctor Faustus has been rewritten and adapted for today’s audience. Using elements from vaudeville, burlesques, minimalism/maximalism and absurdism, this story is reinvented as a modern fantasy while maintaining Marlowe’s original themes on morality, the nature of evil, corruption of power, the seductive lure of darkness and the hope of redemption.

Doctor Faustus was workshopped under the Imperial Theatre’s Incubation Project with the combined efforts of local amateur and professional artists. Special thanks to Nawal Doucette of Maritime Tribal Bellydance and Lifestyle, Amanda Ryall at Kickbasics Health Studio, Teagan Keith for stage-management, Drew Murdock for lighting design and Eric Braun for sound and effects.

Stage left took us to Heaven- People and angels would enter from Stage Left. I really loved this... and of course I entered from Stage Right when I was Lechery.

The whole cast and concept was too much fun in light of such a doomy year. We rehearsed in masks, for months and were so fortunate to be able to present our show during 2020. On Friday the 13th at Saint John's Historic Imperial Theatre.

Stage Right took us to Hell- All Demons were to enter and exit stage right.

Immediately after our Friday 13th covid-19 made its first serious cameo in Saint John in some "Super spreader" event.... and we went in to 'Orange Phase' in Saint John which meant no hanging out with anyone outside your home address......

See the show on Matt's Youtube:


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