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Summer Solstice 2020

Welcome to my new home on the internet Usta Nawal!

Usta means : Maestro or Master

Nawal, my name...so master of my domain!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my new website.

Funny think to know is I have a website for 10 years that I recently let expire in February 2020. My 2020 plans included saying to #cairo scheduled to leave March 22nd 2020 for 2 weeks then spend April and May in Berlin.

As I was getting ready to leavefor this new life chapter, selling all the things in my flat and condensing my belonging the world began to shut down with the spread of Covid-19.

I was horrified, I watched as all my performance artist friends around the world had their plans and gigs cancelled....... and people mid tour scrambled around to get home for lockdown. I still considered going.... I would go anywhere.... I was planning to go! Then Angela Merkle closed Germany to all outsiders.....ok, Egypt then ...... Egypt Closed.... then my local airport closed and I got a email from the airline that my flight was cancelled.

I had booked teaching a few class series and workshops, as well scheduled to headline a Bellydance Festival in Berlin, and around Germany. My band had confirmed a few amazing

metal festivals in Portugal, Hungary, Germany and Russia for summer...... one at a time all cancelled.

Quarantine for now nearly 3 months and this website is part of my time investment as well as the art pieces for sale in my web store :)

70 % of my income is performing and selling my merch on the road or at Festivals....

SO, as an artist I had to think about how I wanted to spend my time moving forward. And I can continue to work in my field I have invested my life in to.....

I have continued to teach class and offer lessons just as of last week we can have in person class again, and I have taught a few Online series through Zoom as well as added a lot of content to my online class catalogue....

which you can find at

Photo by Kate Tadic www.Patreon.com/Nawal

I was also part of a few Live Stream shows and broadcasts, which was interesting and caused me to finish a few choreographies that had been dragging on.... and launched a few platforms for visual arts projects, photography, costume design and worship of the female form which you can support over at www.patreon.com/doomleopard .

And have had massive support and feedback in my photography and design... I hope to be able to offer Darkboudoire in the future to those interested.....and will definitely keep you posted on that!

So, yes some good has come from Quarantine, I have been productive and found a few new things I really enjoy and integrate well with my interests and abilities even though my international party lifestyle has been interrupted I am still connecting with artists around the world.... Check this interview I did last month about being an artist in quarantine .......

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