Style Audit w Nawal

Style Audit w Nawal

This was created to do a quick consult with fusion dancers or dancers wondering what the heck is next in the bellydance bombardment of today.

but first:


Why do I think I should this:

- I occupy an interesting space in bellydance having been introduced to the art through fusion while having Middle Eastern roots….

-I have integrated my career in to performance art touring in Zaum…

-I have transitioned from tribal dancer to bellydancer and I have personal experiences that I believe could help others.

-I was a competition judge in 2019 and realized a style consultation could help people look their best when presenting live

- I love bellydance, and I love watching beginners to pros alike because every person has their own special touch, and I’m interested in helping you get closer to that!



This service is 35US  or 44CADto paypal 


Once you have made your purchase the questions can be downloaded

send them back to me and then we will schedule a 30 min zoom to chat about answers and anything else I can help with.